Imaging Gauge™ Test Targets

Imaging Gauge™ targets are available in three sizes to enable maximum ratio of target size to camera Field-of-View (FOV).  The targets are identical, scaled versions of each other and can all be run on any of the Imaging Gauge™ software Editions. Binary encoding is used to determine the target size automatically when analyzed.



Targets have three major components: color accuracy patches, the mounting board and the resolution test feature.  Components are 100% inspected using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable measurement equipment  and assembled with high quality adhesives.  Industrial Velcro is attached to the back of the mounting board to enable assembly onto the stand mounting brackets.


Imaging Gauge™ targets are designed to assess two principle image quality metrics: resolution and color accuracy.  Target features are based on well-established image analysis techniques including ISO 12233 and CIE Color Accuracy methods.  The pigment-based color patches and silver-halide photographic media are also utilized to calculate metrics including registration, noise, neutral color balance, uniformity and tonescale.

The chart below shows the image quality metrics extracted from each area of the target.