MacBeth ColorChecker™ Software

We developed software for use with the MacBeth 24-patch ColorChecker Classic™ and 160-patch ColorChecker SG™ targets.  The software analyzes images for:

  • Color Accuracy using four color spaces:  sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhoto and ECI V2.
  • Tonescale
  • Noise
  • Uniformity (SG only)

The ColorCheck Gauge CLS™ program was designed to analyze existing ColorChecker™ targets.


The User Interface is designed to provide operators with a simple, robust interface.  A summary of test results is provided on the main panel with more detailed results available in tabs.

The 140-Patch ColorChecker SG target can also be analyzed with similar software.  This target includes a more comprehensive gamut of colors and a series of identical (white, gray, black) targets around the perimeter to gauge uniformity.